Arcticspas tent

ТУ 8789-020-62963111-2014

Arcticspas winter tent. Buy in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

This tent is designed for long stays in particularly cold conditions. The outer tent is made from polymer wind and waterproof fabric. The heat saving effect is achieved through the inner tent which has four layers of foil clad material. The «half-barrel» shape provides additional heat saving and wind resistance. The frame consists of steel, aluminium arches and ties. The tent is packed in an insulated wooden box, which is used as a floor-platform. If a fan heater is used, the tent remains comfortable even at temperatures as low as -80°C. Several tents can be joined into a single tent.


Characteristic Articspas
Length, m 7,3
Width, m 4,5
Ridge height, m 2,7
Useful floor area, m2 23,3
Tent weight, kg 850 + 60
Packaging 6 boxes
Packing size 1. 1,22×2,07×0,30
2. 1,22×2,07×0,30
3. 1,22×2,07×0,30
4. 1,22×2,07×0,30
5. 1,22×2,07×0,30
6. 1,22×2,07×0,30