Geologist tent

Frame tent for geologists (geological tents)

The canvas tent is designed for comfortable camping and expeditions. The tent is in the shape of a house with straight walls, allowing you to move freely around inside and to put your personal belongings. The frame has steel poles with elastic fasteners. The tent can be assembled by two people. The entrance is rectangular with a roll flap. The end wall contains two windows which, just like the entrance, are protected by mosquito nets. There is a steel sheet chimney hole for stoves, as well as ducts for fan heaters and power cables. When equipped with a stove, the tent remains comfortable even at temperatures as low as -40°C.


Price from
38 300 RUB


Technical specifications

Characteristic Geologist 2 Geologist 4 Geologist 6
Length, m 2,45 4,85 4,85
Width, m 3,0 3,0 4,1
Height of the
side wall, m
1,23 1,23 1,23
Ridge height, m 1,93 1,93 2,16
Useful floor area, m2 7,35 14,5 19,0
Tent weight, kg 65 + 8 100 + 10 116 + 15
2 4 6
Packaging 1 big bag 1 big bag 1 big bag
Packing size 1,7х0,5х0,4 1,7х0,5х0,4 1,7х0,5х0,4