Camping tent

ТУ 8789-010-56160833-2006

Six-person frame tent (buy the best camping tents)

The canvas tent is designed for comfortable camping and car camping. It has two bedrooms that can sleep two people in each as well as a spacious living area, where you can put your camping furniture or additional sleeping places. The two wide entrances with roll up flaps and panoramic windows, protected by mosquito nets and curtains that can be lifted, allow the living room to be used as a veranda. The frame has steel poles with elastic fasteners and connectors. The sloping walls enhance wind resistance. Two people are needed for assembly. This tent is designed to be used in the summer.

Price from
91 800 RUB


Technical specifications

Characteristic Camping
Length, m 5,0
Width, m 5,25
Height of the «high»
side wall, m
Height of the «low»
side wall, m
Ridge height, m 2,35
Useful floor area, m2 26,25
Tent weight, kg 150 + 15
Packaging 1 big bag
Packing size 1.65х0.5х0.4