We want to make sure that you buy a tent that satisfies your needs, therefore, our design bureau can create tents based on your sketches and drawings.

During development we resolve various design tasks:

Tent dimensions and layout of sleeping places.

Interior zoning using partitions, colour selection, drawings and slogans.

Comfort: heating, air conditioning, lighting and connection of electrical devices.

Selection of materials: steel or aluminium frame, sealed or breathable fabric or a combination of both.

Design: types of entrance areas, strengthened frame, ways of closing the entrance and fixing the groundsheet.

We rent out tents and marquees in Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Region.

ORT tents are perfect for outdoor parties, events, company presentations or for a get together of old friends on the shore of a forest lake.

Rent Scandia tents

Scandia tents can be quickly erected and hold up to 60 people. Dimensions: 11.2 х 6.00 m. Scandia has a gable roof and sloped outer walls, therefore it can be easily erected in 40 minutes. The tent coating is made from PVC material. The tall windows in each section are made from transparent PVC plastic. The tent has two rectangular entrances/exits. The removable end walls, and the possibility of raising the side walls, make it possible to use the tent in different weather conditions.

We can add any image or advertising information, including full-colour printing, to any of our canvas products (lorry curtains, summer tents, canopies and tents).

Tent products such as summer cafes, market tents and marquees are always very popular in summer. Brightness and durability will give your cafe or market tent a unique appearance. You will attract more visitors and customers and be able to express your corporate style more clearly and make your logo more recognisable.

Tent advertising is a separate service, so it is best to order your image when you order the tent. This will greatly reduce costs and save time, as you will not have to request this service separately.

Our specialists will apply the image of your choice; this could be your company logo, advertising, graphics or a press wall. It is very important that your advertising remains in good condition for the whole lifetime of the tent product. Environmental factors can cause images to quickly fade or crack, therefore, high quality is our primary objective.

Files for printing Images to be printed on wide-format printers must be in TIFF, EPS or AI formats; screen printed images must be in CDR, AI saved in curves/outlines.

ORACAL self-adhesive vinyl

The customer's logo or advertising image can be applied to the tent surface using ORACAL self-adhesive vinyl. The vinyl is very easy to apply and remove, which allows the image to be used many times on various advertising media. You can buy a market tent and decorate it every year with new, relevant images, or use the tent at different exhibitions. Unfortunately, self-adhesive vinyl is not durable and quickly fades. The cost of vinyl is 500-1000 roubles per square metre, calculated based on the area of the used vinyl and the length of the cut.

Inkjet printing with solvent ink on a wide-format printer

Inkjet printing can more fully convey the designer's ideas, and the image looks as if it was printed with a normal printer. Only white material can be used for wide-format printers. It is worth noting that the image will only last eighteen months to two years as exposure to UV rays causes it to fade. The price is calculated based on the area of full colour printing, the print quality and is 500-1000 roubles per square metre printed.

Screen printing

Screen printing involves printing images directly onto the tent product surface. Our specialists make custom-designed stencils for each individual order, which are used to apply Marubu paint (Germany) for soft PVC. The advantage of this paint is that it penetrates into the fabric and, when there is a change in temperature, it shrinks to the same degree as the tent product. Such advertising is highly elastic, which allows it to be used on uneven or curved surfaces. Images can be applied directly on to large finished tent products, such as tent and marquee roofs. Screen printing can be used on white fabric or on basic colour fabrics. The image is guaranteed to remain in almost its initial condition for seven years, as the paint is resistant to UV and precipitation. The price for screen printing is calculated on the basis of the area the image is applied on, the stencil area is determined, and is 1000-1500 roubles per square metre of painting. If several colours are applied on one another, the areas are totalled.

We produce canopies, tents, covers and technical curtains from canvas with a double PVC coated layer.

The company provides the full production cycle for covering products with eyelets, including checking the quality of the original material, design and technical supervision, and supervision of the finished product. When the fabric reaches production, it is checked using a semi-automatic grading machine. We check the fabric's strength, canvas material is also checked for waterproofing and PVC is checked for frost resistance.

Design of 3D models of covers

Our design bureau is responsible for developing the technical concept of products, preparing design solutions and drawing up design documentation. Using 3D modelling, the design department creates computer models of tents, canopies and covers of any size or shape. An engineer works with the designers and is responsible for ensuring that the design solutions match the company's capabilities.

Welded PVC technical curtains

Welded PVC technical curtains are durable, leak-proof and resistant to temperature variations and rot. We use a high frequency machine for welding, which provides a uniform temperature, making the weld stronger and the welded section even. The HFC machine kit includes a set of different electrodes, which can be used to set the shape of the weld, weld structural tent elements into it, such as cords, poles, accessories, etc.

Tent product accessories

The places for eyelets, tent corners and sections adjacent to the frame are strengthened by sewing or welding on additional fabric elements. Metal eyelets are generally used in tents, canopies, covers and technical curtains. Galvanised steel eyelets are the most durable type. Bronze ones are not prone to rust and are more decorative.

Sewing of canopies for large equipment

We sew standard canvas rectangular tents and non-standard configuration products: covers and tents for large goods and equipment. Special sewing machines are used to work with heavy fabrics, providing an even and durable double stitch which can be stretched, looks attractive and gives the product a finished appearance.

Insulated tents

We produce insulated tents and thermal mats by welding two PVC fabric sheets of equal size along the perimeter. An insulation layer is placed between the sheets. The internal thermal mat space is sealed, the air in the porous structure serves as an effective heat insulator.